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Whole Being Well​ness


Open To Channel

April 20, 2020


An advanced course for anyone wishing to deepen their spiritual connection.

Open to Channel is a beautiful program for all beings who truly wish to open to their higher potential

because this is what is offered to you when you consciously allow the Divine Self to guide your life.

Opening to embody and receive the gifts of your higher self is your first step to ascension.

Open to Channel School teaches you to open your divine channel to your divine spirit so you can

share this in loving service with all beings that you touch in life, no matter where you go or what you do.

As you walk through this journey opening your channel to your light you will learn how to co-create

your reality on Earth with the support and assistance of your Divine Self.

During this time there will be many opportunities for you to grow and be

activated by the light of your Divine Self, if you choose to open to this.

As you experience Open to Channel your guides and teachers, with the AscendedMasters, will assist you to open your channel pillar to more of who and what you are. A student study manual with 39 lessons and many audio recordings are supplied, and you will also benefit from working in a group of like-minded people.

What do your Receive?

The student package includes:

1) 1 x 367-page student manual with 39 lessons and 100s of Tools

2) 1 x welcome letter with the name of your assigned Ascended Master, personal focus for the year and a channelled personal message from your Master, which is done by Ishtar

3) 96 x MP3 audio recordings of channels, meditations and lessons

4) Membership to the Open to Channel Facebook (secure private) group

5) Assignment of a student Buddy –students will be grouped into pairs so they can work together for extra support

6) Assignment of a Higher Self –includes the name of one of your higher selves channelled for you by Ishtar(This is given about 5 months after course starts)

7) Assignment of a special project that you will need to do and complete through the direct guidance of your Higher Self -the basic details of this is channelled for you by Ishtar

8) On completion of the course a certificate of accreditation is issued to you

9) All graduates of Open to Channel may apply to teach The Masters' Way self-mastery program (3 levels) to your own network.

10) Graduates may be invited to join the Mentors of Love and Wisdom Organisation -an advanced group of students offering loving service to humanity in deep co-creation through the direct channel of a Higher Self

11) PLUS lots of extra tools, guidance and assistance offered by your teacher during the course

The Benefits of this School:

If you remain committed to the work during the the school then you begin to:

Accept and manifest your Divine Self on the Earth

Find an inner peace and calm you have never known before

Discover that you stop reacting to everything in your life

Make choices that serve you to move forward and become more of who you are

Open to receive the guidance and support that has always been there for you,yet often you have been too distracted to receive

Accept and embrace your true gifts

Open to the miracles that are available to you in each moment in your life

Reach a higher potential in your life

It is up to you what you choose to receive from this school... no-one can do it for you, but we offer you the support and wisdom that you need to flow through the course and make the highest choices for yourself as you do the work. One of the biggest benefits of this school is doing this work with a group of like-minded people. Many long-term friendships and heart-felt connections are made during this time together. We all learn so much from the wisdom of each other, the teacher and facilitators included.

To Register Contact Cara: [email protected] / 914-261-3180


Dates: Classes begin April 20,2020 and run on Mondays Evenings 6:45- 9:15 for one year.

Place: Class meetings will be held in person in Pearl River, NY or you may join the group through the internet via Zoom

Cost: $325 is to be paid at time of registration for materials and higher focus guidance from Ishtar. Plus $1800 for the course which includes homework review, support and additional wisdom, guidance and 3 Universal Ray Healing Sessions (in person or remotely).

Payment plans are available on request.

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Pathway To Wellness

Individualized Healing Program

Pathway to Wellness is a healing program that consists of 12 individual sessions. It is a program that will be designed specific for each person.

It includes six Universal Ray Healing sessions. It also incorporates sessions on health education and disease process. We will examine thought patterns and beliefs systems, for these contribute greatly to who we are being and what is happening in our life.

You will learn about balancing emotions and how to learn from emotions. Emotions are keys to healing.

You will learn techniques that will assist you to be more mindful in your life.

You will receive audio healing meditations to support you throughout the healing journey.

This is an intensive healing program that incorporates healing the body, mind and soul.

This program is for those who wish to shift their life in a somewhat dramatic way. Within this time you will connect deeply with your body, your mind, your soul, and your spirit and learn to hear their guidance in your everyday life.

Appointments available

Please contact Cara for more information or to schedule and appointment

Soul Path Reading

Have you ever asked yourself....Who am I? Why am I here?

Do you feel flowing in your life? Or do you feel chaos? Do you want to live with more meaning and greater joy? Do you long for more grace and ease in your everyday existence? A Soul Path reading will give you some of the answers that you have been searching for. You will learn what your soul purpose is in this lifetime. You will learn ways to open up to the support that you already have all around you, but you may not be aware how to access it. You will learn how to listen to your soul and hear its' tiny whispers so that you can be guided to living a life that is your destiny, filled with contentment and peace.

Cost $100.00

Universal Ray Healing

Universal Ray Healing is a powerful transformational healing process that assists you to shift your consciousness and release old energy that limits or blocks you on some level - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

The energy of the Universal Rays is a divine guide to your highest potential on the Earth. When you are in resistance to this consciousness, you create chaos and imbalance in your life on many levels, which in turn may cause dis-ease and an inability to focus and align to your highest potential. When you are in alignment with this consciousness, miracles can and do occur in your life. The Universal Ray consciousness allows you to resolve the old limitations of separation and resistance that you create and assists you to move into a place of harmony and love.

Your first session includes a Soul reading and a healing session.

Each soul is unique and each healing is divinely guided to assist each soul to align to their highest potential in life.

First session-2 hours-$150.00

Following sessions $120.00

Package of Three $350.00

Family Healing 

A parent's greatest sorrow and challenge may be their child's illness. Many times when children have become physically ill, they are experiencing a blockage in the energy field that is genetic or ancestral in nature. This can be very difficult for parents and children alike. Family healing assists both child and parent, and ultimately affects the whole family in their healing journey together. This healing offers assistance to open your heart to all that is, and helps to bring harmony and balance to your ancestral lineage. It is a deep profound healing journey for your family.

First session- 2 hours- $150.00

Following sessions-$120

Package of three- $350.00