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Your body is designed to heal itself. It has the ability to maintain health and overcome illness. When we are faced with life’s challenges that may show up as heartache, trauma, fear, stress, and anxiety, our bodies may not function as well as they are created to, and illness and disease may occur. Energy healing can greatly assist you-- your body, your mind and your soul--to return to your optimal state of wellness.

The benefits of Energy healing:

  • Improve your overall sense of well being
  • Decrease stress and anxiety
  • Increase your ability to relax
  • Supports the body's natural abilities of self healing
  • Clears Energy blockages and restores balance
  • Assists you to function at your optimal state of health and wellness
  • Opens your heart to connect to your soul essence of all that you are, bringing joy and wonder back into your life. 

We all have our own story. All of our life experiences are unique to us. We may have a similar experience as another, but react in a completely different way. We grow up in the same house as our siblings, with the same parents, same surrounding, meanwhile we are quite different in how we think, behave and live our lives. This is because, as human beings, we are here on earth for a reason. We each have a unique soul which holds the essence of our being. Each soul has a purpose, a mission. Life presents itself to us in such ways that we may either walk with our soul or not. When we are not walking with our soul, and not paying attention to our soul's purpose, life can seem empty and can be very difficult. We often blame our job, our family or others for these difficulties, but the truth is we have lost our soul connection. 

Disconnection from your soul can be experienced as an emptiness in your chest.....and no matter what you try to do to fill that emptiness- it just does not go away. That is your soul calling and longing to be a part of our life. When we consciously make an intention to reconnect with our soul, we will start to see amazing things start to happen. Opportunities will appear...people, books, messages..... and they will guide you along your journey. Open to this, for this is a key to living a life of integrity and joy.

As you start the journey to reconnect with your soul, life may be turned upside down at first. This depends on how connected or disconnected you already are. It depends on where you are in your journey. It is important not to judge this, but instead to open to this and see the truth that lies beneath the surface.

It is important to remember that any discomfort or chaos experienced when you are truly connecting to the essence of your soul is always supported by the Universe. So know it may be tough, and most likely will be, for journeying back to the soul is not for the faint of heart. It is a remembering of who you truly are. It is a homecoming. When one reunites with their soul essence, there is no greater sense of joy, bliss and inner peace.

It is for those who hear a distant calling..... those who know something awaits them, but they may not know what that is, and may not know how to get there.

Joy is a symptom of following your Soul Path. The more we align ourself with our soul, the more joyful we become. 

Healing the Body

The human body is a dynamically complex being. It is made up of many complex systems that all work together to maintain a state of balance and health. When we experience wellness, the body is functioning optimally and is able to maintain balance. All systems are co-creating in harmony and this manifests as

a healthy being.

When we are not well, whether it be physical illness, mental illness, or emotional imbalance, there is something that is affecting our path to wellness. This can happen in many ways. We must learn to look at our health and wellbeing from a broad perspective. We need to look at our nutritional status, environmental factors, emotional wellbeing, spiritual connections, and our belief systems in order to get a true picture of our well being. 

Healing the Mind

Our mind and our brain are connected to each and every cell of our body. What we think, the beliefs we hold, the judgements in our mind, all greatly impact our health and well being.

Mindfulness is being present in the moment.

Have you ever noticed how much you think about the past, or worry and plan for the future? As a culture, we tend to be in one place, but have our thoughts in another. When we do this, we are not truly living. We are missing the experience of life. Our family, our job, our everyday ins and outs.....what it is all about if we are not enjoying it?

Learning the practice of being present in your day to day events allows you to slow down, breath, and really see, feel and experience the life you are living.

It is a gift to yourself and a gift to those around you.

Healing the Soul

Our Soul carries the truth of who we are. It is connected directly to our Spirit and always travels with our Spirit. Our Soul is either in alignment with our Spirit and can connect us to our greatest potential, allowing us to live a life of joy and peace. Or our Soul is not in alignment with our Spirit, and we may not be connecting with the true essence of our being, living a limited life in some way.

No Matter where we are in our Soul Path Journey, we are always creating energy within our being, and we are always learning lessons. Our Soul assists us with these lessons so that we always have the potential to move forward and resolve any blocked energy. Our soul will create experiences in our life so that we have the opportunity to do just that.

Our Soul carries our purpose, mission, and all of our gifts.

Our Soul is our guide. It is like our personal assistant that carries all of our keys to living a life that supports your Spirit and allows your Spirit to support you.